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Minibus Size Options

At The Minibus Centre, we work with leading manufacturers to provide a wide range of minibus size options to meet your organisation’s needs. Whether you are looking for a minibus that can transport a small group of individuals or a larger vehicle that can carry a larger crowd, we can help! Just some of the options include a 10 seater minibus for sale, a 15 seater minibus or a 17 seater minibus.

We’ll work with you to design the layout and features of your wheelchair accessible minibus to achieve the optimum combination of carrying capacity and accessibility.

Range of Minibuses

Some of our options include:

  • Flexilite™  is our very own wheelchair accessible vehicle and is available as a 15 passenger minibus for sale or can be configured to a 17 seater minibus with room for up to 4 wheelchair passengers.
  • Flexi is our standard minibus option with 17 seats, of which up to three can be removed depending on your requirements.
  • The Ford Tourneo Independence is a 9 seater minibus suitable for smaller groups whether you are looking to transport from the education sector, within a care home or any other organisational requirements.

Meeting Your Minibus Sales Needs

Whether you are looking for a 9 seater minibus or your requirements mean you need an 9 seater, 12 seater or a or even a 17 seater vehicle, we can offer minibus size options for you. Talk to us today!